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Persian Rugs in Miami

Zhaleh (Julie) Emami, is a long life curator and collector of fine hand woven rugs and textile- modern and antiques. She is the designer and buyer for the gallery and her passion and love for this ancient art form is apparent in every corner of our elegant showrooms. 

Every handwoven Persian rug as well as oriental rug found at Rugs by Zhaleh is a prime example of this historical art form originated from exotic lands and far away cultures. For those looking for a combination of artisanal handcrafted beauty as well as the unique and luxurious utility of a fine traditionally designed Persian carpet, Rugs by Zhaleh offers a selective collection of unique patterns and colors.
At Rugs by Zhaleh our goal has always been to provide impeccable service in assisting our clients to find that perfect rug – an artistic yet functional piece of art with the most suitable design, texture, quality and color harmonious with their home décor and life style.
Call 305.448.3777 to schedule a visit to one of our showrooms located in Coral Gables or Dania.

Handwoven Premium Rugs

Our premium Persian rugs are one of a kind, hand-woven rugs from Iran.
These rugs come in array of colors and designs as well as a range of different natural fibers such as:
  • Pure wool
  • Natural silk
  • Cotton (as foundation)
  • Hemp 
Rugs from Iran (Persian rugs) come in variety of well-known regional designs such as fine Nain rugs, Tabriz rugs with their elegant medallions, super fine floral Isfahan rugs or geometric rugs of Heriz.

Silk Persian Rugs

Iran or Persia has one of the richest art heritages in world history and encompasses many disciplines including architecture, painting, pottery, calligraphy and last but not the least its rich rug weaving tradition. The carpets woven in Iran are often named after the city or the region where they come from, such as Hamadan rugs, Mashad rugs,  Kerman, Qum, Heriz, Tabriz, Isfahan, Kashan rugs and many more. These wide ranges of weaving styles and designs encapsulate geographic, historical, and cultural differences across the multitude of Iranian provinces.  

For example, Qum rugs of Iran are one of the most famous silk rugs in the world. They are renowned for their superior quality of weave, jewel tone vibrant colors as well as their intricate designs inspired by flora and fauna of the region. Persian Tabriz rugs are a prime example of luxurious city rugs of Iran. They are mostly woven finely from a mix of pure silk and durable yet fine mountain wool from the region.  They also mostly depict elegant and curvy floral motifs and very complex and elegant medallions.

The extended collection of fine rugs gathered at Rugs By Zhaleh offers our visitors a wide array of luxurious options so clients can find that one special handmade rug most suitable to their home décor and unique life style.

Persian Area Rugs Miami

 Interior designers commonly believe that decorating a room should start with The Rug. They agree that a well selected rug can provide the essential canvas needed for any setting. At Rugs by Zhaleh we believe that the richness of our unique area rugs gathered from different regions of the world can provide the needed finish for any room. Our rug collections are extensive and vary from the modern Nepalese carpets to one of a kind Persian silk rugs and then to a rustic collection of Turkish Peshawar rugs and even on the opposite side of the spectrum to the geometric flat-woven kilims of Turkmenistan.

Please schedule a time today to visit one of our showrooms for a personal preview of our rug collections.