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Oriental Rugs in Miami

Your home’s floor may not get as much attention as a boldly painted wall or a modern table centerpiece, but with the right rug, you can add a unique accent that is sure to catch eyes. Handmade oriental rugs are the perfect addition to any home. These rugs are woven from areas all over the world and are made using a variety of techniques. The result is an assortment of oriental rug patterns and designs that range from classic to contemporary.

Oriental style rugs are woven by hand and can be made using natural silk, pure wool, or a mixture of both. These rugs come from countries and regions around the world with longstanding traditions in rug weaving, including Iran, Pakistan, Turkey, and many others. To best serve our customers, our oriental rug store features a unique collection of fine and unusual oriental rugs.

Turkish, Indian & Pakistan Rugs

As you can imagine, rugs that are handwoven in various regions around the globe each have their own unique technique and look. Silk Hereke rugs from Turkey date back to the time of the Ottoman Empire and are extremely large. This type of oriental rug is great for a large open space in a home.

Persian Qum rugs are some of the most expensive in the world because of the high-quality material. Qum rugs often depict medallion and tree of life designs. If you’re looking for a red and blue oriental rug, Persian oriental rugs are most likely to fit your color scheme.

Oriental style rugs from Kashmir, known as Kashmiri rugs, also have a high silk content and are woven with floral designs. Many of the rugs found in Turkey, Pakistan, Iran, and India use vegetables dyes that are found in their natural habitat as their source of color. This gives the rug an organic and antiqued look that adds to their overall beauty.

Wool Rugs Versus Silk Area Rugs

Both wool and silk fibers are used in making oriental rugs, but the region in which a rug is from greatly influences the material that is used. Fine floral rugs, such as the Turkish Hereke rug or the Persian Qum rug, is woven with a finer technique and is made using pure silk.

On the other hand, geometric and rustic handwoven rugs are woven using pure wool and are more organic. Wool rugs are typically crafted in Iran and Turkey, including Turkish Peshawar rugs and flat woven Kilim rugs from Iran. These oriental rug patterns tend to offer bold colors and geometric patterns that create a blended contemporary and rustic look and feel.

Your Go-To Oriental Rug Store in Miami

Looking for a beautiful rug to accentuate your home? Wondering where to buy oriental rugs in Miami? If so, look no further than Rugs by Zhaleh. Since 2002 we’ve proudly provided rugs that not only serve as home décor, but also as sources of inspiration for those who appreciate art and artisanal creation.
We offer a wide range of oriental rug patterns. No matter if you’re looking for a finely detailed Kirman rug that has scrolling vines and silky branches or a geometric pattern round oriental rug that is more contemporary, you're sure to find just the perfect rug to enhance your living space.