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Transitional Rugs

Transitional rugs combine the best of both worlds, which creates a look and feel that can fit into any home. Transitional rugs blend traditional and contemporary designs and often include a focal repetitive element, such as a floral or geometric pattern. Transitional designs often tend to use more neutral colors, but many transitional design rugs are created with bold and vibrant colors that will bring an eye-catching element into your room.

Tips for Choosing a Transitional Rug

Transitional area rugs are ideal for large family rooms, as well as living rooms and other formal rooms in your home. These rugs are often made with high-quality material, giving you a soft and supportive surface that is designed to last for years and years to come.

There are many factors to consider when choosing a transitional rug for your home. First, consider the existing décor, colors, and patterns in the room. If you have a mix of modern and traditional items, then a transitional rug will likely fit in perfectly. It’s important to choose a rug that fits within the existing color scheme to avoid clashing.

The ideal rug for your home should unify your style and make the room feel cohesive.

Before choosing a rug, you also need to consider the size. The size of your room and existing furniture, such as accent chairs, bedroom furniture, and furniture sofas, will dictate the rug size that you need. You want to keep at least 18 inches of bare floor exposed by each rug's edge. Rugs come in standard sizes, including 5x8, 8x10, and 9x12, though custom sizes are available.

Popular Styles

There are many styles of handmade transitional rugs. Some common design options include:

  • Floral/leafy/vines
  • Geometric
  • Scrollwork
  • Oriental motifs

Browse our selection of transitional rugs below in order to find the best rug for your home.