Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

It is not enough to be compassionate, we must act. Dalai Lama XIV

Rugs by Zhaleh is a proud supporter of GoodWeave, a global nonprofit organization that eradicates child labor in global supply chains. The GoodWeave certification program ensures transparent and child-labor-free supply chains in India, Nepal and Afghanistan. It also prevents forced and bonded labor, encourages decent working conditions and minimizes the environmental impact of production. GoodWeave has worked in carpet supply chains for 20+ years and is now expanding to work in the supply chains of home textiles, apparel and fashion jewelry.


social responsibility


Since 2012 our main factory in Nepal has contracted TLC (Tibetan Labor Certification). The sole purpose of TLC is to provide independent third party weaver registration and loom checking to ensure that no children or bonded laborers are involved in the weaving of our rugs. Looms are inspected for compliance and reports are filed on a weekly basis. These reports allow us to choose supplier relationships that uphold the highest integrity and ethical working conditions.
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Working Conditions and Environment:

In accordance with our dedication to the production of fine yet environmentally sustainable rugs, Rugs by Zhaleh mainly uses factories in Nepal that are committed to give back to the community as well as advocating for the natural environment of Nepal. Many of these facilities have water purification system for both the dying and washing as well as the employees. Our factories in Nepal are constantly upgrading these facilities to provide safe and healthy working and living environment for the people who weave our rugs and their families.
In early 2015 our main factory in Nepal opened the first newly constructed "green factory" which incorporates solar power, rain water collection, and efficient design. The goal is to provide our skilled craftspeople the highest quality working and living conditions in the carpet industry. This factory will be a model for all future weaving centers in order to positively sustain the livelihoods of thousands, as well as preserve the craft of handmade rugs waving.