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Premium Sheep Fur Rugs

A plush premium sheep fur rug adds softness and warmth to any room in your home. This eye-catching rug is typically found in a natural ivory color, though the fibers can be dyed, ensuring you can find a rug that fits within any room’s color palette. The soft plushness of this rug adds a distinct accent to the floor and existing décor in a room.

Sheep fur area rugs can be used over hardwood floors, as well as carpeting, tile, and other flooring types. These rugs pair well in front of a fireplace, in a seating area, or at the bedside. Imagine how nice it is to get out of bed or sit in front of your fireplace on a warm cozy handmade sheep fur rug!

Choosing a Premium Sheep Fur Rug

There are many options when it comes to choosing a premium sheep fur rug. Most importantly, you want to ensure that the rug you choose is made out of natural sheepskin hide. High-quality and all-natural sheep fur area rugs don't shed. Sheepskin should also be resistant to wrinkles, snags, and tears. Sheepskin fur is also water-resistant, soil-resistant, and even flame-resistant.

When choosing a sheepskin fur rug, you also want to consider the size of the rug. This style of rug is available in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Some are round while others are rectangle like a standard rug.

Popular Styles

Though most people assume that sheep fur rugs are only available in neutral colors like ivory or cream, sheepskin fur fibers can be used to create colored and designed rugs that are warm and plush.

At Rugs by Zhaleh, we sell sheep fur rug designs that are sure to go great with any motif or décor. Our rug designs include solid and geometric, and rugs are available in a variety of colors including red, brown, blue, light gray, camel, slate, and many others.

If you're looking for the best sheep fur rugs, choose Rugs by Zhaleh.