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Why do the carpets have such a distinctive and elegant look? Modern Rugs
Does the wool clean and wear well? Modern Rugs
How should I clean my carpet? Modern Rugs
If a piece of yarn pulls out, will my carpet unravel? Modern Rugs
Why are there dark spots or irregular colors in some light colored Nepalese rugs? Modern Rugs
Are vegetable dyes normally used in production of finer Nepalese or Tibetan rugs? Modern Rugs
Why do carpets vary in size? Modern Rugs
Why do hand woven rugs shed? Modern Rugs
Am I getting a good value? Modern Rugs
Where does the cotton on the fringes come from? Modern Rugs
Where are the rugs woven? Modern Rugs
Can the carpets be used in a business/public environment? Modern Rugs
Does Rugs By Zhaleh make custom rugs? What is involved? Modern Rugs
What other sizes and colors do these rugs come in? Modern Rugs
Natural vs. Synthetic Dyes Oriental Rugs
What is a Kilim? Oriental Rugs
What kind of a rug is a Gabbeh? Oriental Rugs
How long does it take to make a rug? Oriental Rugs
How do I give my rug a major cleaning? Oriental Rugs
What determines the price of a rug? Oriental Rugs
What are the differences between “hand-knotted” rugs, “hand-made” rugs, “tufted” rugs, “machine-made” rugs and “wall-to-wall” carpeting? Oriental Rugs
Should I accept noticeable “flaws” in a hand-made rug? Oriental Rugs
What are those bands of uneven color in my rustic oriental rug? Oriental Rugs
Why are the fringes of my Oriental rug falling apart? Oriental Rugs
Is my rug vulnerable to sun fading? Oriental Rugs
How do Oriental rugs get their name? Oriental Rugs
Why does my Oriental or specialty rug look different from one end to the other? Oriental Rugs

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