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Question: What are the differences between “hand-knotted” rugs, “hand-made” rugs, “tufted” rugs, “machine-made” rugs and “wall-to-wall” carpeting?

Answer: Hand-knotted rugs, be it contemporary design or more traditional type, are the only true Oriental rugs. Industry standards insist that for a product to be labeled as "hand-knotted" it must actually be knotted by hand. Many other rugs are labeled and advertised as "hand-made" or "hand-tufted", including hooked and needlepoint rugs. "Tufted" rugs can be made by hand or machine. The pile yarns are punched into a fabric (usually cotton), the face pile is clipped and a cotton material covers the back of the tufted rug. "Machine-made" rugs, as the name suggests, are made by machine - not by hand. "Wall-to-wall" carpeting is not as durable as a hand-knotted rug, because its backing is glued to the foundation; knotting does not occur.
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